thonik ‘en’

A dynamic installation swapping the functions of the Spiral cafe and gallery, and transforming the entire space by thonik, Dutch design studio known for their masterful typography, bold compositions and experimental approaches. The opening of Spiral front doors into the cafe, usually in the center, was re­positioned in the rear, unfamiliarly illuminated by the sunshine through the skylight in the rear.


Now, in order to use the cafe, we must first pass through the exhibition space, for an overall, very Spiral, very site­ specific, organic adjoining gallery/café space. Written on a banner hanging in the new gallery/cafe space were nine Chinese character homonyms of ‘en’, the key­ word to Spiral’s 25th Anniversary campaign, indi­cating the range of Spiral’s activities: ‘connection’, ‘charm’, ‘garden’, ‘performance’, ‘monkey’, ‘smoke’, ‘blaze’, ‘salt’ and ‘celebration’. Each character designed as a graphic logo. In the same manner, live music and dance performances in Spiral Hall (performance = ‘en’), French culinary lessons in the restaurant (blaze = ‘en’), a special campaign in the beauty salon (charm = ‘en’), and other special events allowed thonik’s ideas and graphics to per­meate the entire building.

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