mirror taxi for seoul

Thonik has devised a radical and simple design proposal for taxis in the city of Seoul, South Korea: the taxi as a mirror to reflect the city. The design is for a competition organised by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Design Foundation.

thonik’s design for Seoul’s mirror taxi.

“We want to make Seoul taxis stand out, be visible, yet clear,” says Thonik co-founder Thomas Widdershoven.  “At the same time we want the cars to blend in and reflect the city, in a chic sort of way.  We propose to make every taxi a driving mirror. The silver colour of a mirror is a non-colour. The reflecting surface is striking and attractive, interactive and fluid. The mirror taxis will stand out in traffic, and make Seoul famous for its taxi design. That is how we see Better Transport Seoul.”


Five designers worldwide have been asked to submit a proposal by the organizers of the competition, the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Seoul Design Foundation. 

The exhibition of the design proposals was held in the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) in Seoul.

Further Info

For this design competition Kymn Kyungsun, Jaemin Lee, Chris Ro, and Eddie Opara were also invited to participate. 

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