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On 26 November 2013 the second series of Babel took place, titled So Social. Nikki Gonnissen was one of the speakers together with Paula Scher, Adrian Shaughnessy, Fanette Mellier, Metahaven, Hung Lam, It’s Nice That and Sascha Lobe.

Stefan Sagmeister ones said that a famous graphic designer is about as important to society as a famous electrician. There is no point in discussing the justness of this fact. The quotation still describes the relationship of graphic design and society in 2013, and probably for a long time to come. Although typographers and graphic designers increasingly see themselves as producers of cultural capital relevant to society, they do not necessarily receive mutual recognition because of that. However, the digital world has obviously changed the way graphic designers see each other. They are aware of each other, blogging, networking and »liking« one another, creating a big, international »community«
that gives each other the acknowledgment
refused elsewhere.

Has graphic design changed as a result of this new visibility and active exchange? Does this new »community» stand for itself, not only emancipating itself, but equally withdrawing from real »society«? Are there more forms of expression or has mainstream grown? Is the new sense of one’s worth the first step to achieving recognition by society – is the golden age of graphic design yet to come? And, who are we really designing for?    

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